fha grants, first time home buyers, low income housing fha grants, first time home buyers, low income housing
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fha grants, first time home buyers, low income housing
fha grants, first time home buyers, low income housing
  RCC provides a network of public benefit solutions and a wide array of custom designed services that support and maximize property tax exemption and compliance requirements for affordable housing properties.

Logical, Systematic Approach to Compliance with Property Tax Exemption Rules

We take pride in working closely with over 100 governmental agencies involved in affordable housing, monitoring & compliance, redevelopment, property value assessment and property tax exemption.

Our expertise in creating and operating high quality, supportive-service enriched affordable housing coupled with diligent monitoring, compliance and administration translates into benefits for the families, children and communities we serve.

Exemption In California

Property tax exemption in California is administered by two separate but equal agencies: the State that determines an organization’s eligibility for exemption; and the County who determines the exemption based on the use of the property.

What’s Required

A complete understanding of the rules, requirements, policies, procedures and issues facing tax exemption at both the State and Regional Level.

To Correctly Manage the Welfare Exemption Process, Knowledge and Experience are Needed

Specialized knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of the nonprofit managing general partner, understanding the dynamics of the ownership partners and experience in working with government is needed to successfully navigate the Welfare Exemption process.

The success of obtaining the Welfare Exemption must translate into benefit for the community and the low-income families.

Management Discipline

As a support service to partnerships and their managing general partner, RCC is well known for its conscientious, hard-working, attention to detail.

RCC’s absolute commitment to excellence is the foundation enabling us to produce the greatest benefits for the communities and their partners.

Our proprietary database is interrelated, connecting each community and partner with the many government agencies, companies and individuals important to the success of a thriving community.

Organizational Discipline

RCC’s comprehensive approach to important information, documents and communication is channeled through our custom-designed database.

RCC’s database is a key tool in the administration and organization of the many responsibilities important to the success of thriving communities.

Property Tax Exemption Administration

Our highly successful Property Tax Exemption process is a combination of our specialized knowledge, experience, close long-standing working relationships with government agencies; and our specialized analysis that monitors intricate compliance requirements and confirms partner involvement.
fha grants, first time home buyers, low income housing